How does she make you feel?

Leaning over cleared plates and empty glasses, we spoke softly of love. I asked you how she makes you feel. Fascination woke my soul, watching you see her face in those tender thoughts of yours. Your eyes changed to magic and the crack between your lips—with no words, said it all.
Love—advertised across your face. A love that held every emotion ever felt by humanity. I only wish there was a better word to describe it. But no alphabet could ever offer me the letters that'd fit.
I am in a constant search yet everything and everyone continues to fail me. A repetitive struggle. Loops of losses; I am dizzy!
The only answer—Him.
Him who I've yet to meet. Him who waits for me as I wait and see. Him with those same magic eyes when he thinks of me.
Him and me.
Him and me.
Him and me.

—Perth, WA, 2 December 2016