5 AM

The rain falls lightly
Time stands still
You hold me in your arms
Whisper sweet words in my ear
Blanket wrapped around my back
Draped over shoulders
5 AM air
Kiss me all over.

—Perth, WA, 14 July 2017

Skin to Skin

Skin to skin
Now one within
This home we built
Bodies combined
Can’t find
Where we
And where we
Let’s never part,
Let’s never leave,
You and I
Are all we need.

—Perth, WA, 4 July 2017

We Stay a Little Longer

We stay a little longer. We forget about responsibilities, forget about what we have to do and where we have to be. We stay because there's not enough time in this world and we've yet to invent a time machine, because if we could freeze this moment, we'd stay in this bed, talking and touching, existing between these sheets.

—Perth, WA, 22 June 2017

How does she make you feel?

Leaning over cleared plates and empty glasses, we spoke softly of love. I asked you how she makes you feel. Fascination woke my soul, watching you see her face in those tender thoughts of yours. Your eyes changed to magic and the crack between your lips—with no words, said it all.
Love—advertised across your face. A love that held every emotion ever felt by humanity. I only wish there was a better word to describe it. But no alphabet could ever offer me the letters that'd fit.
I am in a constant search yet everything and everyone continues to fail me. A repetitive struggle. Loops of losses; I am dizzy!
The only answer—Him.
Him who I've yet to meet. Him who waits for me as I wait and see. Him with those same magic eyes when he thinks of me.
Him and me.
Him and me.
Him and me.

—Perth, WA, 2 December 2016

You and I and Saturday Night

Tangled limbs
perfectly intertwined,
your mix of
mint and
nicotine breath
kept me alive, along
with your hold, arms—
circled around me,
cradled in your body,
you try to shut me
up with a
but it won’t stop
me from taking the piss,
because whispers and giggles
and smiling through kisses
lets us know,
once this ends,
there’ll be no misses
between you and I
and Saturday night.
It’s better that way,
no need to stay,
I’ll say
a hushed goodbye,
press my lips
above your eyes
and that’ll be it,
it’ll be alright.

—Perth, WA, 16 May 2017


In these moments
when they fail us,
when life fails us
and we are left
we must remember
to come back to
In the end—
we are all alone.

—Perth, WA, 7 December 2016


this sunset
was only ever a
until it became     magic
this right here,
is a moment
you and me.

—Perth, WA, 2 December 2016

The Extraordinary

     I used to dream of the Extraordinary.
     A naively optimistic expectation that offered More than what was Now.
     A perpetual state of yearning.
     Then I found silence.
     Silence in the in-betweens.
     In-betweens—where you wonder what's behind the stars, feel the winter cool your nose and repeatedly tell your friends, "I'm so glad we're doing this."
     In-betweens—where you find the Extraordinary.

     This is what More feels like.


I don’t think about anything in particular
on these mornings on my own.
But I feel—
I feel the bubbling in my core,
the deep breaths—
so easy to explore.
And that’s enough
to tell me
I’ve found love.

—Perth, WA, 13 June 2016


I used to romanticise the tragedy.
But I have come to realise,
I am done with

I am awakened.

—Perth, WA, 29 January 2016