An Interview with: Frida Regeheim

Frida Regeheim’s work came into my life at the perfect time. I’d read her words while trying to figure out if the connection I had with that charming boy was real or for one night only (it was the latter). I’d read her words after nights of one-too-many drinks. I’d read her words and I’d think to myself, She gets it. Frida encourages connection by showing the personal, the intimate, the not-so-special moments—the real moments. She inspires me to see the magic in the messy; to find the beauty in the confusion when it comes to love, lust, relationships, work, and life itself.

“A nice writer in New York City,” she writes about her “inability to understand men and do [her] own laundry.” Born and raised in Stockholm, Frida will be moving back to begin her journey as the Social Media Editor of & Other Stories. We don’t know each other, personally but I feel as if one day, we could be friends, drunkenly dancing till the early hours of the morning, smoking cigarettes on rooftops, watching sunsets over city skylines. She has that presence about her, as #relatable as someone can be online. Frida shares what it’s like to be vulnerable online, coming back to Stockholm, life in New York City, Alexa Chung and her favourite music.


You share an intimate vulnerability online. I admire that boldness and it inspires me to do the same. Does it ever scare you to be so personal and know that anyone can read it, including the people you write about?
I think I have to be open and honest in my writing, otherwise it would feel as if I’m faking it. It’s kind of a thrill really, writing about people I know might read it. I’ve never heard from anyone that they don’t want me to write about them, so I’ll keep going. It’s empowering to know that no matter what, I can write about my experiences, both good and bad. And I’d never give that up just to play it safe.

How do you feel about moving back home to Stockholm and embarking on a new journey?
I’m so excited! I haven’t lived in Stockholm for almost 5 years, so it’s kind of scary. But I have all my family there and a lot of friends so it’ll be nice to come home. And I can’t wait to start my job as Social Media Editor at & Other Stories.

What drew you to New York City in the first place and what will you miss most about it?
I’ve always loved New York. The people, the energy, the colours. I always knew I would live here at some point in my life. I will miss all of it. The pace walking down the street, how the fruit and veg is constantly sprayed with water at the supermarket, the spontaneity that everybody embraces.

What's your favourite memory from living in New York?
I have so many I can’t possibly pick one. But all the people that I’ve met here, friendships that will last a lifetime and ones that just lasted for a night, are what I’ll bring home with me.

What do you love about yourself?
I love that I can always rely on my gut. It never fails me. And all my freckles.

Who is a female creative that inspires you?
I’m in love with Alexa Chung and have been for as long as I can remember. She’s my ultimate style icon and celebrity crush. And she’s together with Alex Skarsgard which everyone knows is the hottest Swede alive. Her new line of clothing is everything I want to own. I absolutely adore how she dresses, like a mix of old lady and little boy and how she seems so incredibly funny and real. We hang out at the same bar in the East Village, but her crew is very intimidating so I’ve never dared to approach her. But I want to borrow a lighter from her before I move.


If you could have a catch phrase, what would it be?
“Let’s grab a beer.”

Best song to write to?
I tend to listen to a lot of Blood Orange when I write

Best song for a night out?
Anything with Drake. Headlines makes me do embarrassing things.

Best song when you're in love?
Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

Best song when you're lonely?
I’m Every Woman by Chaka Kahn.


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Note: This article was originally for a different project. I didn't want to not publish the article, so I thought I'd publish it here. Since then, Frida has moved back to Stockholm and is now the Social Media Editor for & Other Stories, a co-founder of New Magazine, and one-half of Det Bröts, a weekly podcast with her best friend, Linn Wiberg.