I could taste his cigarettes
As he kissed me
And though the dawn air
Danced on my skin
His body was enough
To warm me.

—Perth, WA, 15 May 2017

Together, Alone

The music slowed,
You pulled me in,
My hand made its way
‘round your neck,
I looked up—
those magic eyes
sparked spontaneity,
and as our lips
got closer
surroundings began to fade.

A boy and a girl
together, alone
in a crowded room,
making the most
of their youth.

—Perth, WA, 8 May 2017

There's Nothing I Want More

There’s nothing I want more than to spend my days with you.
To follow the sun, rise and fall,
Listen to a calm sea,
Feel the soft sand underneath,
Sit in stillness, sit in darkness,
Look at the stars!
They’re now our friends.

There’s nothing I want more than to share my moments with you.
We are dancing, drunken
Girls, lost words, liquid lust
Stay till the end!
Lie to Mama
No need to tell
We are free and
All is well.

There’s nothing I want more than to grow with you.
We giggle, we squeal,
We can’t believe!
Our guts have sparkles
When we look up
And wish on
Shooting stars.

There’s nothing I want more than us.

–Perth, WA, 19 April 2017


Curled up on a cushioned seat, looking down from the hotel balcony, she spies on the souls underneath and is comforted by the idea that she is unseen. The sound of soft strings keeps her company on this humid night while her friend is in the downstairs lobby talking to a long-distance lover. She lights a Marlboro and her eyelids close as the cigarette touches her lips. The constant reminder of two people in love has cracked her. Courage comes and she finally admits to herself—loneliness.

—Perth, WA, 4 December 2016

Falling Asleep

I'm falling asleep happy
At the thought of
You and me
Because your smile
And your eyes
They bring me to
My crumbled knees
I need to feel
Your arms around me
Feel the safety
Of your body
'Cause when I'm with you
I'll do anything
Anything you please.

—Perth, WA, 8 May 2017

Waiting Game Lights

sitting in the backseat
behind my mother and father
watching the world pass by
with pink and lilac skies
soon it will be time
for me to say goodbye
to those waiting game lights.

—Perth, WA, 22 March 2017

The First Time

It was unplanned and unexpected.
But once you’re sharing warmth in bed,
You know what’s coming next.
It was smiles and laughs
Between tongues touching and soft kisses.
It was heavy breaths and travelling hands,
Searching skin and hair.
It was pulling and grabbing and wanting more,
And all the opposites
To balance.

When it was done—
The slowdown of breaths, and
one     big      sigh.
It was broken whispers,
Tired eyes,
“Your hair smells nice,”
His arm—my rest.

And then—
A kiss,
A bite
On my back.
A joke,
A laugh,
A slip of his hand
Underneath cream lace.

And then—
It happened again.

—Perth, WA, 13 April 2017



Sometimes it’s just because you want it.
It’s finding one common interest and going with it.
It’s not now but—
maybe after a few.
A few more sips,
A few more inches
creeping closer towards
each other,
And     one     long     kiss.

—Perth, WA, 3 May 2017


In these moments
when they fail us,
when life fails us
and we are left
we must remember
to come back to
In the end—
we are all alone.

—Perth, WA, 7 December 2016


this sunset
was only ever a
until it became     magic
this right here,
is a moment
you and me.

—Perth, WA, 2 December 2016


There’s little I know
of what is to come.
No matter
how much I
it deems      useless
because       certainty

—One a plane coming from Bali to Perth, 1 December 2016


I feel you around me and I sigh.

Though I cannot wrap my arms around your arm because it’s been a minute and I miss you, or curl up to keep safe in your body’s caves, the thought of you is all I need.

Intoxicated—you are my ecstasy.

—Perth, WA, 19 July 2016


a wooden bench,
we listened
to sea breeze whispers.
breathing in nicotine,
a calm excitement.
coming in
a new era
the beginning:
our twenties.

—Perth, WA, 26 October 2015

The Extraordinary

     I used to dream of the Extraordinary.
     A naively optimistic expectation that offered More than what was Now.
     A perpetual state of yearning.
     Then I found silence.
     Silence in the in-betweens.
     In-betweens—where you wonder what's behind the stars, feel the winter cool your nose and repeatedly tell your friends, "I'm so glad we're doing this."
     In-betweens—where you find the Extraordinary.

     This is what More feels like.


from the passenger's
seat of the car
i looked out
the window,
blurred silhouettes,
and sent the
day on
with the setting of the sun.

—Perth, WA, 23 July 2014


I find it hard to distinguish
between what was reality and
what was merely a dream.

The touch of your skin,
the warmth of your palm—
memories so real
I can     almost     feel you again.

The past awakes me in my sleep
Closed eyes, open hearts
                            — Lucid in love.

—Perth, WA, 25 October 2016


I don’t think about anything in particular
on these mornings on my own.
But I feel—
I feel the bubbling in my core,
the deep breaths—
so easy to explore.
And that’s enough
to tell me
I’ve found love.

—Perth, WA, 13 June 2016

Driving in a Storm

I drove home in the stormy night and it became clear to my mind that I hadn’t spoken to another person in a while.

I didn’t want that to be the case.

—Perth, WA, 27 May 2016


I used to romanticise the tragedy.
But I have come to realise,
I am done with

I am awakened.

—Perth, WA, 29 January 2016