When a Fuckgirl Falls in Love

Photo by Lien Nguyen

Photo by Lien Nguyen

OK, so I didn't fall in love. But "When a Fuckgirl Falls in Like" didn't really have the same ring to it.

So like I said in my last post, I can admit, I've been a fuckgirl at times in the past. Haven't we all in some way or another? Sometimes you don't even realise you're being one - blinded by wanting dick. (Or pussy if that's your preference. I'm all about equality here.)

Sometimes wanting sex and nothing else can make you a bit of a dick. Isn't that funny? Wanting dick can make you a dick. (How many times can I write dick before it's excessive?)

Like, I know I'm not the only one that's snuck out the next morning while the other person's still sleeping... Right? Right? 

I mean, he wanted to have breakfast with me and I had shit to do! What were we going to do, have a nice chat over a cup of coffee? No, thank you. We met at 3 A.M. and were back at his place by half past. I'd say that's a hard No on breakfast.

I know I've complained a lot about guys who've been shitty to me. And that isn't completely fair on them. I too have been a bit wanky.

Here's the thing: when you're on a streak, you kind of don't want the streak to end. It's like you've got the momentum so you just want to keep it going, you know what I mean?

Being a fuckgirl is easy. All it takes is hooking up with people for your own selfishness. It's pretty fun. I highly recommend it. Even if just for a bit.

The problem lies in when you're a fuckgirl and you eventually catch feelings for someone. That shit fucks you up. It just comes out of nowhere and when you finally realise, you've already lost your head!

So you hook up with someone - a one-night stand, of course. They ask for your number after and you give it to them, not expecting anything from it. Then they actually message you and you're like, WTF? What is this? Why are they messaging me? Do they not know how a one-night stand works? So you reply back because you're not an asshole. You're like a nice fuckgirl! And then they message you back and - wait for it - keep messaging you! I'm sorry, what? Why are they still messaging me? Idontunderstand. 

Now, get this: a few months pass and you're still talking to them. And now you're more confused than ever. To make things worse - you've developed feelings for them! Now you're just fucked.

You never wanted anything from it - but they kept talking to you - so you kept talking to them - and now you kinda do want something from it and it's all one big mess.

It gets to the point where you've never liked anyone more than you like this person. And then - he stops talking to you, all at once, out of nowhere.

Yes, that's right, he proper ghosts your ass and you realise he was a fuckboy the whole time. In fact, there were definitely signs from the beginning. Some fuckboys are sneaky like that - hiding their "fuckboyness."

The thing is, it's very difficult for a fuckboy and a fuckgirl to ever become anything. There's no balance. And relationships need balance. Otherwise it's just two people talking to each other when it's convenient and ignoring each other the rest of the time.

It's a lot of time and effort wasted that gets you nowhere. You just end up alone and confused, having a mental breakdown over a bottle of wine. 

So take it from me - if you ever find yourself starting to catch feelings for a fuckboy - run. Run as fast as you can, hun.

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