This is All Happening


     It was a Wednesday afternoon. My Mum and I were video-chatting with Lien. We were talking about my visa.
"If you get the visa this week it will be a miracle," my Mum said.
"A miracle is what I'm asking for," I thought to myself.
My Mum left around 2:30 PM and Lien and I continued talking. At around 3 PM the doorbell rang. My heart stopped. I gasped and went running towards to front door with my phone still in my hand and Lien still on the screen. I opened the door and the delivery man was standing in front of me.
"Isabel?" he said.
"Yes!" I showed Lien what was going on while I was freaking out right in front of the delivery man. He wondered why I was so excited and I told him I'd been waiting for this package. I quickly and messily signed my signature and he handed me the plastic envelope. I raced back to my bedroom and started screaming. My heart was pounding. "Oh my God, Lien. I'm so nervous," I repeated, over and over again. I set my phone down so that Lien could see what was happening. I opened the envelope and out fell a letter and my passport. I read the letter out loud. "Your application for a UK visa has been successful." As soon as I read those words I started screaming and jumping and crying and then Lien started screaming and crying. It was very emotional and dramatic. But what else would you expect from me? "I'm so happy," I cried.
"This is all happening," said Lien.
     I watched One Day that night and thought about how I'd soon be starting my own new London journey. Hopefully, my journey doesn't include a truck running me over.
     This is it. This is really all happening. Everything is coming together. I can't wait.