The Best Nights

The best nights are the ones you don't plan for. The ones filled with spontaneity and surprises and "fuck its."

The ones where your best friend texts you to have a chill wine night because she's had enough of the office life for one week and when she gets to your place, you tell her that the two of you are going to get pissed and go out to that bar you quite liked the other night.

The ones where you end up taking shots with strangers and following them to a club because "why not?"

The ones where you realise you can hold a conversation with someone whilst being blackout drunk.

The ones where you know this boy you just met isn't ACTUALLY working for Google (for obvious reasons) but you play along anyway just to see how in-depth this lie can get. It got very in-depth. I was impressed.

The ones where you end up on a beach kissing this boy under a blanket and realising that people are out walking their dog and going for runs around you because it's 6 AM.

The ones where you're sharing a bed with a boy and your Mum furiously texts and calls you because you forgot to let her know you won't be coming home.

The ones where you let your best friend handle your Mum and lie to her for you because that's what best friends are for.

We didn't know what kind of night this one would turn out to be after this photo was taken. But it became the night of a new beginning.