It's been a minute since I've posted on here. Life has been a bit hectic since I moved to London and I still feel like I've not officially moved because I haven't settle into a flat of my own. So, before I start posting about London, let's take a look at the week I spent in Stockholm.

Mornings were lovely as Stephan made us coffee and we ate breakfast in the warm sunlight.

The nature in Sweden is so beautiful and fresh. We went for walks in the forest and had a fresh lake cleanse.

Our last day we ate a veggie buffet and talked for hours, looking over the city skyline. Stockholm was one of the best trips ever and now holds a piece of my heart.

Spent our first day walking around the city then went for a fika where we managed to fit in an inappropriately amount of innuendos in our conversations.

Went out one night and ended up walking out of the club at 5 AM. The streets were so quiet and the sun had been up since 3 AM. Lien was wearing heels so it was a struggle for her but we eventually made it back to our flat, ate some scrambled eggs and went to sleep.