Slow Living: Technology

Let's face it – in the world we live in, technology and the internet is everything. We need it, we love it. But sometimes, we need a bit of a break from it. It's easy to get caught up in an endless social media scroll and it's easy to want to check your emails every hour of the day. But do we really need to be checking our phones as often as we do? The world won't end if we don't reply to a message straight away, and it sure won't end if we haven't seen the latest Overheard meme in the morning. So, if you're feeling like you're in need of a digital detox - even if only for the mornings - than here are a few things I like to do to incorporate slow living with my technology.

Isabel Marcelo

Airplane Mode
Forget about pressing that "Do not disturb" button. It's all about Airplane Mode. If you're one to start scrolling through your phone the minute you wake up, before you go to sleep, put your phone on Airplane Mode and when you wake up, you won't be tempted to start scrolling through your social media because you won't see any notifications.

Disable notifications from your apps
You don't need to know every single time someone has liked your latest Instagram photo. You don't need to see that meme that your mate has tagged you in on Facebook straight away. Having less notifications means you're less likely to check your phone. It also means that when you do want to check your notifications, you can do it all at once then not have to check your phone again until later on.

Declutter and organise your apps
Put your high priority apps on your first page. Delete any apps you don't use and if you can't delete them because they're part of the phone, put them in a folder on the second page of your phone.

Do you find that you always have unopened emails you can't be arsed to read? Unsubscribe from them. Especially when you know they don't give you value. And every time you do get a subscription email sent to you, ask yourself if you really do want to be receiving it on a consistent basis. I know I need to unsubscribe from an email when I start to get annoyed every time it pops up in my inbox and I end up not even opening it and just deleting it.