Saying "Fuck It" to Opinions and the Universe's Signs

Lien and I have been going to the same bar, Joe’s, pretty much every weekend for the past two months. We didn't expect this to happen but the nights kept turning out really well and we were on a roll so, it seemed weird to break the streak. Due to outsider opinions and Stephan (@stephanalbu) putting a curse on us (inside joke), we—no, mostly I, started thinking it was time we took a break from Joe’s and it was time I took a break from boys, you could say I needed a bit of a “boy detox.” The thought of it made us quite sad and it felt like we were taking a break from a boyfriend. We had built a home in that little ol' filthy bar and had banter with the bartenders and practically knew the whole playlist the DJ played.

So, it came to Friday night and we had decided to change it up a bit and go to Alfred's Pizzeria for dinner. The place reminded us of a chill version of Joe’s and we started to miss it. But we thought, no, we can't go. We weren't drunk enough and we were sure we'd have a shit time. So, we went to Ezra Pound instead for a couple drinks. After our second drink, the bartender had announced last call and we were not ready to go home. We knew what we were both thinking: we both wanted to go to the one bar that always ended up being a good time for us. So, we decided we'd leave it up to the Universe. I flipped a coin, Lien guessed tales, it landed on heads.
"Best out of three?" I suggested.
We flipped the coin a couple more times and the odds were not in our favour. At all.
"You know what, fuck it! We'll wait for one more sign. We'll just walk passed and if it looks like a bad night, we won't go in," I said.
We walked towards the bar and noticed a group of people headed in the same direction who didn't seem like the type of people we wanted to be around.
"It's alright, we'll just take the long way, walk around and then go up to the bar and see for ourselves. That was not the sign." We arrived at the entrance and it didn't look that busy, which was a good sign for us, so we went inside.
"Just one drink, Lien and then we're out."
But because it's us, one drink turned into two and then I'm not so sure how many we had after that. All I know is, it turned out to be one of the best nights we had and we left the bar with no regrets. I guess the boy detox didn’t last very long for me, either.

I guess, once again, "Fuck it" turns out to be the best two words you can say and sometimes you shouldn't listen to other peoples' opinions or even the Universe's signs because sometimes, you know what's best for yourself when all you want to do is get pissed, have fun and be a bit reckless.