The Summer of Festivals

For a long time, Perth had nothing. It was a slow process of growth. I knew that the only way I could enjoy this isolated city was to look for the fun. So, with my full-time income, I spent the majority of my earnings on experiences. I like to call late-2014 to mid-2015 the Summer of Festivals. My friends and I went to almost every single festival in these thirty-degree months, and as you all know, with festivals comes alcohol. I wasn’t an alcoholic, but working a full-time job ultimately lead to a desperate need for escapism.

I was stuck in a retail rut of working a stable job and earning a decent pay. I had settled for comfort. But through settling for comfort I became restless and without realising, my mindset had changed. On the surface, I was happy but inside, I was far from it.

To be continued . . .