Europe with the Family Part V

I decided I was going to get ready and go outside. I went to my suitcase to grab some clothes and Bernard saw me. “Wait, what are you doing?”
Once again, I burst into tears. “I want to leave!” I cried.
“Isabel, wait!” Bernard slowly crawled his way out of bed and dragged his drugged-up body towards me. “Isabel, you can’t leave. We just took a lot of drugs. You can’t leave.”
It was at this moment that I entered a new consciousness and knew exactly what he was thinking. A voice in my head told me he was ready. He was ready to truly understand me. I somehow knew exactly what he was thinking and that was that he thought I was going to leave the country. I played a long with this because you know, the Zen master voice in my head told me to.
“Where do you want to go?” asked Bernard.
“I want to go to London.”

The next couple hours consisted of me telling Bernard everything that had troubled my mind and all my thoughts and feelings. Bernard understanding me, lead onto him understanding himself and his own life. Apparently, that was the plan all along, or so my guru inner voice told me so. As Bernard thought he was the one looking after me in this trip, it was really me looking after him. I took these truffles with the intention of wanting to know myself more but everything that came out of me during this trip, I already knew. The experience showed me that I didn’t need to figure out who I was, I needed to help Bernard understand who he was.

To be continued . . .