Europe with the Family Part II

We arrived at St. Pancras in the afternoon. I stepped off the train and in that moment as the London wind brushed through me, I was home. This was where I needed to be. I felt it instantly. I felt it within me. Even through the times of not quite knowing exactly where I was as I walked through the city streets, the uncertainty didn’t bother me, because there was only one thing that I needed to feel certain about, and that was that I was in the right city for me.

I took a train down to Brighton for a night to meet with a couple friends I’d met back in Barcelona on my trip with Lien. We shared stories over drinks and late night pizza and spliff. The next day we walked along the lanes and the pier. As I looked out towards the pale seaside town, my mind cleared. It was the first day I’d seen the sun since Spain and it warmed my heart. It was a sign for me. A sign that this was it. It was almost as if every little thing that ever worried me was gone as soon as I breathed in the British breeze. There was no dramatic shift in me. No sense of relief. But it was as if I had come to England and I was a new person. There was no longer any history; a clean slate. I was in a place that made me feel completely me. That made me feel whole.

To be continued . . .