Europe with the Family Part I

Coming back to Europe was like coming back to my second home. It felt good to know where to go and what to do. There was something about these cities that was changing me. They were bringing out a different part of me that living in Perth never did. They were bringing out my best self. Someone who walked tall and with purpose. Someone who was in control of her own life; independent and determined.

Most of the trip was spent with family. It was refreshing to see my parents back in the country they grew up in, surrounded by the family they grew up with. This was their home, where they’d built their lives, and they had settled right back into the Spanish life. This meant copious amounts of tapas and Claras con Limón. And as Spain was about tapas, Paris was about microwaveable M&S meals because we were not prepared to pay Paris prices for three meals a day.

Paris was where we celebrated the new year. Sitting in our hotel room, avoiding the negative degree weather, we watched the light show from our TV and counted down with our Spanish tradition of eating twelve grapes for good luck, in which I of course, ended up choking on from laughter because Bernard decided to shove all twelve grapes into his mouth, in one go to “get all the good luck.” But despite my little grape incident, 2016 ended with me feeling grateful for being with my family in the City of Love, having discovered so many things about myself that I never would’ve imagined, if it hadn’t been for travel.

Soon we were on a train en route to London and having experienced a not-so-great week the last time I was there, I was excited to come back and explore the city flu-less and with a working left arm.

To be continued . . .