Newcastle Part III

Night Two: The night started off as usual: rum and cokes in our tiny hostel room for two and then a walk to Florita’s. We had a couple drinks, a couple shots, and then it was into the club next door for a dance. When I say there’s something about Newcastle and Lien . . . I’m not kidding. We took one step onto the dance floor and Lien was already being taken away by some boy whose name was unknown to the both of us. Uninterested in watching this happen again, I went to the bar to get a drink. I waited about ten minutes and still hadn’t bought a drink because the bar was too busy, and then Lien came and found me.
“I’ll buy your drink,” she said.
“Yeah, yeah you will.”

We had a bit of a dance and then went back to the bar for a break. A group of boys came up to us and one of them gave me a drink. It was a vodka red bull, not my first choice but I drank it anyway. He was a barber from Wales and was buzzing with excitement because he’d just met some of the cast from Geordie Shore at Bijoux. We finished our conversation, he complimented me, I kissed him and then Lien and I left.

We look back on Newcastle and laugh. The nights made up for the days that were spent walking circles around town, talking to the friendly Geordie natives and their dislike for London, and people watching in Old Eldon Square, observing kids smoking and workers lounging. All I can say about Newcastle is, “it’s a good time.”

To be continued . . .