Newcastle Part II

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Night One: We bought a bottle of rum, stole a couple of Five Guys cups and headed back to our hostel to get ready and have some pres. When we were sufficiently drunk, we made our way through the 14°C weather, which having just come from Barcelona, felt more like 5°C, and got to Gotham Town. We downed a couple drinks and met two Spanish boys who took us to Digital for “Digi Mondays”. When we got into the club, Lien whispered to me, “Let’s ditch them” and before I could respond, she grabbed my hand and we ran. We made multiple trips to the bar for Jägerbombs and I witnessed Lien kiss more boys than I’d ever seen her kiss in my life. I genuinely lost count. There’s just something about Newcastle and Lien . . .

I started taking the mick out of Lien because it was just getting ridiculous by this point, and then eventually I needed a break and went to the toilets where I met a couple friendly girls. We bonded over Liverpool FC and then I went back to the dancefloor, where Lien once again, was kissing another boy. (God damn it, Lien!) So, I found myself a boy and next thing you know we’re dancing, and then we’re kissing, and then he’s asking me what we’re going to do, and then I’m telling Lien, we’re all going back to the hostel.

With our two new boys, we walked through town, asking them questions about the monuments we saw and if they liked grime (they didn’t like grime), and eventually made it into the hostel lobby. Lien and her boy got into the lift first and suddenly, one of the receptionists came up to us and asked if we had our key cards. By this point, Lien and her boy had already made their way up to the room. I showed the receptionist my key card and he told me that my room was only for two people and that this boy standing with me couldn’t go in.
“Alright, no worries!” I said with a smile. I got into the lift and waved goodbye to the boy in front of me, as the lift doors closed. When I got to the room, Lien and her boy were waiting outside and I told him he had to leave. With a “Sorry” and a “See ya,” we shut the door and laughed, wondering what just happened, and realising just how hectic Newcastle is.

To be continued . . .