Barcelona Part III

I’m not sure why, but there’s something about alcohol that makes Lien and I want to cause a little mischief. So, to make the walk a little more fun and interesting, we started playing dares. We made our friend, Angela propose to a boy she’d been spending time with, and we made a stranger get into a bin. When we finally reached the club, we were bored by the monotonous sound of progressive house music and decided to continue our game of dares. We danced the Macarena on stage and I got a handsome Spanish man to give me a piggy-back ride. When we’d had enough of the club, we made our way back to the hostel to say goodbye to Natasha and Rosana as they’d be leaving for Ibiza. Prepared to avoid another nasty hangover, Lien and I forcefully drank our litre of water and cup of instant noodles then went to bed.

Our next couple days in Barcelona were spent exploring the city and missing Natasha and Rosana. We visited La Sagrada Família, Parc de la Ciutadella, finally got our hashbrowns at an Irish pub, made some more friends within our hostel and had a failed night out in which we were taken to the wrong pub, leaving us to drink cheap sangria in our hostel till the early hours of the morning.

We stayed in for our final night in the Sant Jordi Alberg hostel, drinking our usual rum and coke, laughing over funny stories from our Austrian friends, and learning sexual sayings in Austrian. We didn’t want to leave Barcelona but it was time for the next part of our journey—Newcastle.

To be continued . . .