I've Realised It's Not the Location but the Mindset

Like every cliché La La Land story, I had just landed in the City of Angels. A young seventeen-year-old with a head full of big dreams and youthful naivety. I arrived with hopes of studying a film degree and becoming an actor. It was all figured out: I was going to study film and in my spare time I’d take acting classes. Simple, right? Wrong. So, wrong.

You know the saying, “ignorance is bliss”? Well, ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is bliss when you move across the world without an ounce of fear in your bones before you’ve even reached adulthood. But no one ever said ignorance could also be a burden. Sometimes, ignorance can blind you from understanding that you didn’t exactly come to LA with a well-thought out plan.

You’ll get to LA and realise that a car is not only useful but essential. You’ll realise that you were not ready to commit to your dreams if it meant taking a 1.5-hour bus ride just to get to class. You’ll realise that you were not meant to study a film degree at university. You’ll realise the true and physical pain of homesickness at an age where you’re yet to develop the mental strength to endure it. You’ll realise all of this and you’ll come back home. But it’ll be alright because without even knowing it, you’ll have manifested a significant decision that would come into place a few years later in your journey.

To be continued . . .