Barcelona Part I

Barcelona didn’t start off so great. We were biased from our love for Madrid and we couldn’t imagine a city being any better. It took us two hours to get to our hostel by metro because a lady at the airport gave us the most complicated directions. When we’d finally checked into our hostel, we were heading into our room when we found two other girls setting their things on our beds. It turned out that they were shown the wrong dorm and ended up moving to the dorm next to us.

When Lien and I had finished eating dinner, we went back to the hostel for our first pub crawl. We weren’t sure what to expect when we gathered in the hostel lobby. In a large pack, we all made our way to the first bar and properly met the girls that had mistakenly been put into our dorm. Their names were Natasha and Rosana and they were from Toronto, Canada. We became friends instantly.

Though that pub crawl lasted all night, it felt like it happened in five minutes. It was a night of shots and dancing and kissing boys and Lien getting kicked out of a club for getting a bit too close with one particular boy on the dance floor. After that night, we knew Barcelona was going to be a good time.

To be continued . . .