After a beautiful train ride watching sunflower fields and mountains go by, we arrived in Alicante. My uncle and auntie picked us up from the station and we made a pitstop at Chocolateria Valor for some chocolate con porras. When we got to the house we were in shock. I knew my family had money but—this house was something else. Lien and I kept laughing because we had no words for where we’d be staying. We sat down and looked out into the view of orange trees and blue seas. The air smelt fresher, the weather was perfect. We knew we were going to enjoy this place.

Every morning we’d eat breakfast outside with the sun shining on us and be filled with gratitude for this “rich bitch lyf”—we never wanted to leave. My auntie couldn’t have shown us a better time in this sunshine paradise. We explored Guadalest and Altea, laid on the beach in Albir, shared meals of paella, tapas and the best Indian curry, drank pints of Claras con limón, pampered ourselves with a spa session, and even had a night out in Benidorm. By the end of our 5 days in Alicante, we were officially chilled out and ready for Barcelona.

To be continued . . .