We arrived in Madrid on a Tuesday night and took the metro to the Castilla flat we’d be staying in. People were out eating, smoking, drinking and enjoying life. It was already so different to Perth. We were eating dinner at 10 pm and our friends were telling us how normal this was; how everything in Spain starts later. Although life in Spain was so foreign to me, something about it felt right. Tired from the long journey, we finished our meals and went straight to bed.

The next morning we woke up at 5 am and were welcomed by the most beautiful Spanish sunrise we’d ever seen. We stared out the window and took a moment, pausing at the stillness of the quiet dim-lit streets and pink and blue skies. I breathed in the warm air and a feeling of home filled my heart.

Summer in Madrid was sweaty and slow. Most of the city had left to enjoy the sun, somewhere on a beach. We took our time to walk around and observe our surroundings. Nothing was ever rushed. We shopped and ate acai bowls in Serrano, strolled around Parque del Retiro, ate 1 am churros at San Gines, took an emotional tour of Santiago Bernabéu and converted Lien into a Real Madrid fan, explored the colourful streets of Malasaña, and took advantage of daily siestas. We had settled right into the Madrilenian lifestyle and we were in love.

To be continued . . .

Isabel MarceloComment