The Missing Part

Meeting Frida was one of the best things to happen to me. There was a part of me that was bursting to come out and I didn’t realise I was suppressing it. I was suppressing a girl who was fun and adventurous; a little reckless and rebellious; who took charge of her own world and went after what she wanted. Someone who sang and danced and didn’t take things too seriously. Someone who smiled and laughed and walked tall on the paths that lead her way. Frida helped me find this part of me that was missing, that I had lost somewhere along the way of living, and when it was time for her to move on to a new city, I was leaving for my European adventure, and I was ready.

In unplanned matching outfits of Reeboks and denim jackets, Lien and I waved goodbye to our friends and family at Perth International, and walked towards customs, beaming with high expectations and excitement for what was to come.
To be continued . . .