Lesley, the Psychic and My Cardboard Box

I was on a mission to become my best self. I was on a mission to find happiness, purpose and fulfillment, and I knew it had to come from within. As cliché as it was, I bought myself a self-help book and began journaling my fears and dreams. Then one day, I felt it was time I see a psychic. My friend had told me her experience with this psychic named Lesley and I’d heard other people have positive experiences before, so I thought I’d give it a go.

It was a warm Sunday morning. I woke to a quiet house while the rest of my family was sleeping. I got myself ready and headed out the door. I arrived at Lesley’s home with slight nerves, but she welcomed me in with a comforting presence. We sat down in a small room. I was surrounded by pictures of wolves, crystals, and all sorts of spiritual trinkets. She gave me a pack of tarot cards to shuffle and told me to think of a question. The first thing that popped into my mind was what my career would be like.

She started by telling me what she sensed. I immediately started crying. I’d never had a stranger tell me everything about me in such detail. Lesley spoke about certain expectations and pressures that were put on me and how I was so focused on one big dream that it overwhelmed me. She told me I doubted myself a lot; that I’d lost confidence, as if someone had walked all over it. She said I was stuck in a cardboard box and I needed to break free. I was living in the shadows of my family and I needed to find some separation.

The one thing that kept coming up was me studying. I didn’t know how that could be as I was so adamant on not studying. But she was persistent on telling me to look at courses. She left me with the belief that I was trapped in fear and had to overcome it because I was destined for triumph. “You have to start your journey to fulfil your dream. It’s waiting for you. Feel the fear and go anyway. You will never be able to step back after you change your mindset. There will be no stopping you. You will feel like everything is lighting up.”

To be continued . . .