Sometimes I just think about the shit I've been through, internally. I am so glad I survived my inner demons. I hope others can fight theirs, too.

The ten days I spent in Bali were not what I expected. I was still dealing with getting over the social anxiety I’d developed over the last year and it put me in a weird state while I was on the island. I found it difficult to be around a lot of people and all I wanted to do was read my book in peace. On top of that, I got Bali belly. Having previously fallen ill on holidays, this was not a surprise. Once I recovered, me, my cousin, Tasha, and her two friends, Charlotte and Frida, went to Ubud for a night. By this point I was so ready to go home. I wasn’t in the right mindset to travel and be in unfamiliar places but at the same time, I wasn’t going to waste the trip. We explored Ubud and got blessed at the temple then finished my Bali trip by a beach.

Though I had not enjoyed my first experience of Bali, I was glad I’d gone. I’d realised that Island life was not for me and I craved the city. I craved work. I craved a fast-paced lifestyle. And even though Perth wasn’t anywhere near fast-paced, I craved it too. Life on an island was stagnant and I was restless to leave.

To be continued . . .