How to Get Over a Fuckboy

Photo by Lien Nguyen

Photo by Lien Nguyen

We've all been there - you meet a guy, he's cool and fun and an even better kisser. And you have an amazing, magical, something-out-of-a-film connection. You wonder, How could this be real? Is this destiny? And then - sooner or later - he ghosts the fuck out of you. And you realise - he's a fuckboy.

2017 was for sure The Year of the Fuckboy for me and many other people I've talked to. But if you ever do find yourself in a fuckboy's dicksand*, then here are some steps you can take to get over him...

  • Get with another boy
  • Realise he's a fuckboy too
  • Have a mental breakdown
  • Go on a boy detox
  • Slip up and get with another boy
  • Develop feelings for him
  • Realise he's a fuckboy too
  • Realise you've got issues
  • Go on a boy detox - FOR REAL THIS TIME
  • Focus on yourself
  • Have a couple more mental breakdowns
  • Have some revelations
  • Fix your shit
  • Realise at times, you were probably a fuckgirl too
  • Find happiness within yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Realise there are boys out there who are actually nice
  • Love yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Love yourself

*Thanks, Olivia from Love Island for that term. Have used it quite frequently, since.